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Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Wood Doors

Post by on January 12th, 2022

Last Updated on July 29, 2022

If you don’t have much experience with sustainable wood, you may be asking yourself, “What are eco-friendly doors?” or “Should I make the switch to eco-friendly doors?” We have those answers. Sustainability is a major point of interest for architects, builders and distributors alike. Commercial landowners desire eco-friendly properties. They want guarantees that their buildings are safe to live in, have low emission rates and are easy to maintain.

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Sustainable doors combine all three of these qualities — and more — to create the ideal structure. Whether a landowner finishes a building project with a green door or upgrades an existing one, they know they are getting the best materials. Incorporating sustainable elements within commercial buildings proves to customers that the owners care about environmental conservation and want to make a difference.

Today distributors search for more eco-friendly options to meet this customer preference — for companies and their clients — and we at Manhattan Door supply them with the doors to do so. We know the importance of customer satisfaction and quality craft, and we provide custom, sustainable doors to fit these specifications. Understanding the details of what makes a door sustainable will help you choose suitable materials to stock in your inventory.

What Are Eco-Friendly Wood Doors?

Eco-friendly doors consist of sustainable wood, meaning timber originating from environment-first harvesting techniques. Many wood harvesting methods involve clear-cutting, which strips a region bare and leaves it with little biodiversity. Harvesters attempt to replenish these fields by planting rows of a single species, similar to how farmers plant corn and rice monocrops. However, this strategy reduces soil fertility and leaves new trees vulnerable to pests and disease.

We do not make our doors from this kind of unsustainably harvested timber. All of the wood we use has received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. We manufacture our green products without formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde, and they all consist of pre-consumer recycled content. Adhering to environmentally conscious standards helps us produce unique and durable goods — which is why we follow LEED guidelines.

Some wood types are rarely ever eco-friendly because of their endangered status. These include ebony, mahogany and teak. Other wood varieties are safer to harvest because of their availability and quick growing times.

  • Oak: This wood’s durability lends itself well to residential and commercial applications, making it one of the most popular types for building.
  • Bamboo: With its fast growth, incredible strength and lightweight quality, bamboo is a top-ranking choice for those seeking green building doors and other materials.
  • Cherry: As another widespread favorite, cherry proves its relevance time and again. It fits excellently with various applications because of its malleability, color and smooth finish.

How Are Sustainable Doors Different Than Regular Wood Doors?

Now you know what sustainable commercial doors are all about, but how do they compare to regular ones? What about them will make you choose green over unsustainable alternatives? Eco-friendly doors hold up against regular ones in various ways — a couple of which you will find below.

LEED Standards

The U.S. Green Building Council uses its LEED criteria to assess the sustainability of commercial buildings. We hold our doors to the same standards to ensure we give customers reliable and high-quality products without harming the environment. Buildings or doors that are not sustainably certified contribute to increasing deforestation and land depletion. We have chosen to protect the planet and its resources by using locally manufactured wood and offering agri-fiber cores, among many other components.

Fire Rated Door Cores

Here at Manhattan Door, we create sustainable door cores with fire ratings of 20, 45, 60 and 90. Many door manufacturers lack the resources to build fire-rated doors, which could leave their clients with unsafe buildings. However, every product in our catalog offers multiple ratings, so distributors can purchase whichever eco-friendly option they need. We know that you want safe doors to fit local building standards, and we can help!

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Types of Eco-Friendly Wood Doors

We offer a range of FSC-certified wood doors. We commit to ‘LEED’-ing the way in environmentally friendly goods, and we uphold that with every product we create. Customize the doors to your liking, from size to finish — we are here to meet all your green building needs. Whether you need one door or 100, we can give high-quality results.

  • Flush wood: Combine simplicity with skilled woodworking techniques, and you get one of our flush wood doors. They fit well with multiple veneers and sizes, adapting to a client’s space in both function and form. We use low/zero-VOC finishes and paints to ensure safe products for our customers.
  • Plastic laminate: If you need sustainable commercial doors, our plastic laminates are the way to go. They are easy to maintain, and they withstand harsh weather changes, such as increased humidity. When outdoor temperatures rise, there will be no worrying over warping or damages.
  • Custom finish: Request a fire-rated door for a school or a door with ornate hardware for a luxury hotel — we can do it all. Give us your specifications, and we will bring them to life using our years of expertise. You will get a product that meets every mark for safety, appearance and sustainability.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Interior Doors

There are many advantages to making eco-friendly interior doors a part of your lineup — for your bottom line and your customers. Here are a few benefits your clients can reap.

Better Insulation

Environmentally friendly doors have excellent designs in addition to their quality materials. They are adept at insulating buildings by preventing air leaks while keeping in warm or cold air. Reliable weatherstripping techniques can save your clients hundreds of dollars on their energy bills. When the HVAC does not need to output as much air, the unit lasts longer and doesn’t require expensive repairs.

Fewer Fossil Fuels

Sustainable wood harvesting strategies use less energy and resources than traditional methods, which reduces fossil fuel output from machinery. People can enjoy unpolluted air and clean water without the threat of illness. Additionally, reducing the number of fossil fuels in the atmosphere helps keep global temperatures and weather patterns steady.

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Cleaner Indoor Air

Because we use low/zero-VOC paint on our doors, they do not off-gas harmful toxins like standard doors. VOCs can cause a range of symptoms or illnesses — such as headaches, nausea or respiratory conditions — if you inhale them for too long. Health and safety are paramount in structures like schools and hospitals, which is why we prioritize non-hazardous materials for our products.

How to Buy Sustainable Commercial Doors

If you are ready to add sustainable interior wood doors to your stock, contact us at Manhattan Door by giving us a call or filling out our online form. We offer high-quality materials with short lead times, ensuring you get what you request as soon as possible. When lead time determines your company’s success, you want the supplier who prioritizes efficiency.

Eco-conscious distributors will enjoy the benefits they receive from purchasing our green doors. We track trends in safe, sustainable design to produce current and useful products. Once you do business with us, we hope you’ll be a customer for life.

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