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are doors with glass shatterproof?

Are Doors With Glass Shatterproof?

Post by on July 6th, 2022

Glass doors add an elegant touch to any home, allowing for increased natural light throughout your space and simple cleanup and maintenance.

When you’re fitting homes or offices with new doors, keep glass doors in mind as a suitable and versatile option. One major concern with glass doors is safety and whether they’re shatterproof. Learn more about these doors below.

Types of Glass

Two types of glass are commonly used in glass doors to ensure they’re shatterproof, including:

  • Tempered glass: Tempered glass is known to be about five times stronger than regular window glass, although it will shatter with enough force. However, it’s designed to crumble into less harmful pieces if it does shatter.
  • Laminate glass: This reinforced glass has two panes of glass with a thin piece of translucent plastic film in between. If the door is damaged, this design holds the glass in place and prevents it from shattering everywhere.

Are Glass Doors Shatterproof?

With the right glass, some doors are more shatterproof than others. However, the design of the door also makes a significant difference in its shatter resistance.

Full glass doors tend to be riskier to install in your home or office. These frameless additions lack stability and security, making them susceptible to breaking with less contact. While most doors must have tempered safety glass, a door with a large, single glass door pane poses a significant threat of shattering.

On the other hand, glass doors with wood frames have more stability. This combination of wood and glass allows for smaller glass panes or lites, which have smaller surface areas to decrease the chances of damage. These lites are fastened into the door, giving them more strength — so if the glass lite is damaged, it poses less of a safety and security risk to your home or office.

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2 responses to “Are Doors With Glass Shatterproof?”

  • Mia Evans
    Location: Springfield
    06 Oct, 2022 2 years ago

    Glass doors with wooden frames would be more stable. We plan to look for a door company before this year ends

  • Braden Bills
    23 Mar, 2023 1 year ago

    I want to get some high quality glass doors. It makes sense that I would want to get some made from tempered glass! That seems like a good way to ensure that it doesn’t shatter as easily.

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