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2022 interior wood door design trends commercial spaces

2022 Interior Wood Door Trends for Commercial Spaces

Post by on February 16th, 2022

Professionals want interior doors that provide privacy, security, protection — and style. From high-class apartment complexes to modern office projects, contractors, builders and designers seek door options that deliver in quality and appearance. Be the dependable, on-trend source for your clients’ commercial doors by providing the most popular styles they are looking for.

Customers will keep coming back when your inventory is stocked with the top interior commercial door trends for 2022. With our customizable options, you can easily accommodate any commercial environment’s distinct aesthetic, functionality and space requirements so that customers trust you have all their commercial door needs covered.

Read on to discover nine of our favorite trends for this year’s sought-after door looks.

1. Wide Doors

Our lifestyle and workflow preferences have shifted from the compartmentalized interiors of yesteryear to large, wide-open environments. Grander spaces require doors on a bigger scale, both aesthetically and functionally.

With extra-wide doors, customers benefit from:

  • Accessibility: Provide superior accessibility in commercial facilities for employees, guests and residents with wheelchairs and other mobility needs.
  • Light: Natural light can pass through rooms via wide glass-paneled doors for a brighter office, hospital room or classroom.
  • Space: Wide doors open up a room and make transporting furniture into a luxury apartment or university space a breeze.

2. Tall Doors

High doors reach for the ceiling and add instant height to a room. If your client has a narrow area, no problem — they can maximize the room’s vertical space with a custom, taller-than-standard interior door.

While tall doors cannot extend a room’s actual height, they elevate the style and feel of the overall space. As a bonus, tall doors also increase the potential for valuable storage space. Consider tall swing doors to protect hospital rooms, classrooms and offices from hallway noise. Swing doors with extra height can better accommodate the transport of beds, tall furniture and large equipment in hospitals and hotels.

3. Space-Saving Doors

Slide-away doors offer solutions to tricky interior spaces. While barn doors remain popular, more classic-looking pocket doors and minimalist retractable doors are on the rise as this year’s preferred space-saving alternatives.

  • Barn doors: In the early 2010s, the farmhouse look exploded with shiplap and brown wood barn doors, and now these rustic features are starting to look dated. Keep your barn door fresh with a modern chevron wood-plank pattern or a coat of crisp white paint.
  • Pocket doors: Classic pocket doors add timeless beauty. Unlike barn doors, pocket doors slide into the adjacent wall, leaving valuable wall real estate for art and furniture.
  • Retractable doors: Accommodate modern offices and commercial spaces with retractable door options. Sliding bypass, folding-style, and stacking sliding doors act as adjustable room dividers so you can customize the size and usability of any space with ease.

2022 space saving door trends

4. Light and Bright Glass Doors

Clients are increasingly looking for interiors filled with natural light. Light transfer and added visibility transform rooms into spacious and welcoming environments. Modern French doors shine as a light-transferring alternative to barn doors this season. Plus, they make a design statement while open or closed with their large panes of glass.

Recent studies show that 78% of employees report access to natural light and views of the outdoors are the top qualities they crave in a workplace. Interior wood doors with glass inserts meet this need for businesses, hospitals and schools by allowing sunlight from exterior windows to pass into central rooms, improving visibility and work performance.

5. Colorful Doors

We have seen all-white interiors these past few years — walls, trim, doors and countertops. Pivoting away from this monochromatic look, today’s commercial door trends position doors as the new place to add a color infusion with bolder wood stains and paints:

  • Dark and moody: Black is back with abundance. Dramatic black-stained oak doors are in, as are rich charcoal gray, black-brown and deeper brown wood looks.
  • Jewel tones: Emerald green and sapphire blue doors are having a moment. From the 1920s into the 2020s, Art Deco-inspired hues add elegance.
  • New neutrals: Neutral does not have to be boring. Branch out from the expected with beige, soft pink, light green and blue-gray doors.

6. Industrial Modern Doors

The growing trend of the industrial interior style mixes traditional and modern elements such as exposed brick, rustic wood, aged metal, glass and stone. Achieve this look with custom doors that nod to details from the turn-of-the-century steel industrial era.

With black window frames rising in popularity, clients seek matching interior doors. Enter wood-and-metal industrial modern doors. Gray wood doors with black metal-framed glass panels are popular for modern urban interiors. Consider chocolate-colored wood doors with antique brass hardware or riveted steel details for a cozy steampunk vibe.

7. Minimalist Doors

Sleek doors continue to maintain their design presence in residential and commercial environments. Trendy flush wood doors offer superior customizability with a wide range of veneer finishes available to suit numerous interior styles.

These smooth doors are well-suited to popular mid-century modern and minimalist interiors. Restaurants, hotels, apartments and offices benefit from a flush door’s many advantages:

  • Safety: Our flush wood doors are fire-resistant.
  • Sound: This smooth door style provides better sound resistance.
  • Maintenance: A flat surface is easy to dust, wipe down and keep clean.
  • Versatility: Flush wood doors are available in various sizes, materials, veneer finishes and price points.

8. Timeless Shaker Doors

One of this year’s breakout wood door trends focuses on vintage touches. Provide clients with the best of both worlds — old beauty meets new manufacturing. By pairing vintage design inspiration with updated door construction, distributors can offer the unique look of antique doors with the quality of custom-built matching doors throughout an entire commercial space.

The classic Shaker door has returned as an on-trend interior door preference. With its iconic four or five panels, clean lines and simple design, this look offers a well-made, practical door approach that complements both traditional and modern interiors.

9. Eco-Friendly Doors

Of all the door trends 2022 is watching grow in popularity, this one is great for the planet — today’s doors are going green. Distributors seek more eco-friendly options to meet their customers’ preferences for sustainable materials. Rise to the occasion with a wide selection of doors that are as stylish as they are environmentally responsible.

Many clients avoid endangered-status woods such as ebony, teak and mahogany. We recommend bamboo, oak and cherry wood varieties for their availability and quick regrowth time. Plus, our veneer doors use thinner sheets of wood, so one log can create multiple doors.

All of the wood we use has received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. We are proud to manufacture eco-friendly doors that:

  • Adhere to green building standards.
  • Are manufactured from sustainably harvested timber.
  • Consist of pre-consumer recycled content.
  • Remain formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde free.
  • Follow LEED guidelines.

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