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2022 interior wood door design trends

2022 Interior Wood Door Design Trends

Post by on December 16th, 2021

Design trends change every year, from various shapes and colors to height and width measurements. Design trends are often impacted by what is going on in the world, and colors and patterns often cater to how people are feeling in the present moment. After what we’ve seen in the past two years, there is be sure to be a new era of 2022 interior design trends.

One of the most important parts of designing a home is the door. It accents, welcomes and truly defines the character of a room. Here are 13 interior door trends that we predict to see in 2022.

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Invisible Doors

Instead of breaking the design of a wall with a doorway, why not make it invisible? Invisible doors enable this by blending the design of the door into the wall. It creates an unbroken wall of color and patterns.

This design is great for hiding a bathroom entrance, for example, and is useful in emphasizing the space and decor of a room. Invisible doors do not have to just blend in with the color of a wall, either — a contrasting color for the door can still be “invisible” with a hidden handle in the design.

Solid Wood door versatility

Solid Wood Doors

Solid wood doors can add depth and sophistication to a commercial building. They are very high quality and can be built with various types of wood. One of the great things about solid wood doors is their versatility — they can match a vast majority of interior designs. They work especially well with a lighter color scheme, adding weight and contrast to the room.


Molded doors will most likely be a popular choice in 2022. Moldings can give a door an ornate appearance, and based on someone’s taste, these can range from very simple to extremely detailed. Moldings look great on white doors for adding a bit of elegance and texture.

Warm Wood

Warm wood is becoming increasingly popular. After the tumultuousness of 2020 and 2021, people are looking for comfort, coziness and safety — and they want the feel of their space to reflect that. Warm woods with yellow undertones create a cozy feel and add safeness to a room. Warm wood doors will be a staple of many homes in 2022.

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Rounded Shapes

Hard-edged doors and furniture are becoming too harsh for many people’s standards today. They are looking for softer shapes that accent a laidback, casual atmosphere. A rounded wood door appears welcoming and is a unique twist on a traditional design.

Although this rounded design is not especially new, it is quickly gaining ground and will become more prominent in 2022. People are taking the right angles off of mirrors, tables and furniture, and they want their interior doors to match.

High Doors

High doors will make ceilings appear higher. Often, they are designed with a window at the top, which is a great way to let in some natural light — adding space, brightness and height to a room. People already put great value in their space, and this trend will undoubtedly continue in 2022, making high doors an attractive interior door design.

Wide Doors

More and more, people are discovering the value of wide doors. Narrow door designs can be suffocating and create accessibility disadvantages. With a wide door, homeowners can reap many benefits, including:

  • Accessibility: To put it simply, a wide doorway is easier to get through. If you order and receive numerous packages a week, you want to be able to bring everything inside easily. A wide door also caters to those with wheelchair needs or other accessibility specifications.
  • Insulation: Wider doors are often thicker and more durable than your typical interior door design. This can protect a room and keep its temperature steady, blocking outside air from getting in. This will create a cozier atmosphere and reduce energy costs as a result.
  • Space: Wide doors create more space. A doorway is usually singular and does not offer much room for anything else besides the door itself. A wide door opens up possibilities for bench seats, a coat rack, shelves or anything else you would want to put near that door. It makes the room more welcoming and functional.

Because of their durability, accessibility and aesthetic, wide doors will surely be a part of 2022 interior door trends.

Inlay Door Designs

People are choosing inlay door designs for a modern look. Inlays can be something as simple as a thin aluminum strip attached to a door leaf. This small touch adds a certain level of elegance and sophisticated design to an interior door.

Designs may differ, as they can range from some simple strips to intertwining patterns and shapes. The inlay design ideas are endless, and this personalization is becoming increasingly attractive to building owners.

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Color Palettes

The color palette in 2022 will most likely reflect what people are trying to feel. Recently, it is been simple color schemes — black and white paired with soft woods. 2022 will see more of these concise, comforting colors to create an atmosphere of safety and security. Doors will be white, black, brown or made with woods with yellowish undertones. They will also likely blend in with the surrounding room to create a seamless appearance.

2022 door color trends - black door with high wall color contrast

Contrasting Colors

Color contrast will continue to be a dominating force in 2022. White walls and floors will be contrasted with black doors. Contrast adds visual weight to a space, and people will want a home that envokes relaxing, comfortable feelings.

Painted Patterns

One way to personalize a door is with painted patterns. Some people are looking for a change from the old, whitewashed doors of the past. They are searching for a way to add character to their building and create something unique. Painted patterns come in many varieties, shapes and patterns, giving the homeowner a way to pick something that matches what they need.

Black door handle hardware

Black Hardware

As people shift to black and white color schemes in 2022, black hardware will become very popular. Adding a black handle to a white door adds a deep, rich contrast, creating that simplistic yet elegant feel that people are after.

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