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The History of the Knockdown Door

Post by on August 23rd, 2023

Last Updated on August 30, 2023

Whether you distribute or install doors, you might have heard of the knockdown door frame. Did you know that we at Manhattan Door invented this innovative door frame that has become the industry standard in modern construction? The history of the knockdown door is part of our proud heritage, and we would like to tell you more about this revolutionary invention.

What Is a Knockdown Door?

The term “knockdown door” refers to an innovative steel door frame designed for easy installation in existing structures. Typically, door frames are hung during construction and require some demolition and rebuilding by a professional to install in an existing building.

The hardwearing knockdown door frame streamlines this process. It allows contractors and property owners to install or remove the door frame without damaging the wall, making it easy for contractors and DIY enthusiasts to carry out the installation themselves.

Usually installed in interior doorways, these frames make leveling and adjustments less of a challenge because they include several moving parts instead of one large immovable door frame.

A knockdown door frame comprises three primary components:

  1. The hinge jamb: This is the frame section equipped with the hinge preps for the door’s hinges.
  2. The strike jamb: The strike jamb is the part of the door frame with the latch bolt opening.
  3. The head: This is the top section of the door frame.

Compression anchors inside the door frame are adjusted to compress the frame against the wall’s wooden or metal stud and hold it in place.

The Manhattan Door Story

Our rich history began in New York City during the industrial revolution. Founded by Sam Sklar, our company started as a humble door-to-door business. Sam would drive door-to-door in a small truck offering home improvement services, including floor glazing and painting.

Today, we remain a family-owned and operated business, with Sam’s grandchildren, Michael and Laura Sklar, leading as third-generation owners. Jacob, Lauren and Stephanie Sklar represent the fourth generation and are already actively involved, poised to continue the family legacy.

Under the leadership of Michael and Laura, our company has become a prominent commercial wood door manufacturer in New Jersey, driven by innovation, hard work and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Our business has grown significantly over the years. Still, our dedicated team remains true to the core values established by Sam eight decades ago — to provide top-quality commercial interior wood door solutions that exceed expectations.

The Invention of the Knockdown Door Frame

He may not have known it then, but in 1956, Sam Sklar revolutionized the world of door construction when he invented the knockdown door frame. Before that, door frame installation was just possible during construction and required a qualified building contractor to remove or replace frames.

The introduction of the knockdown door frame meant that frames could be disassembled and reassembled with relative ease and allowed for installation on existing walls and removal without the need for demolition or construction.

How the Knockdown Door Became the Industry Standard

To understand how the knockdown door frame became one of the most popular door frames in history, consider its intrinsic benefits, which include:

  • Easy to transport: The door frame comes in three separate pieces, assembled on-site, making it simple to ship or transport.
  • Quick to install: Knockdown door frames click into place when assembled and are secured with the turn of a screw, making them quick and easy to install.
  • Cost-effective: Installing knockdown door frames requires little labor and time, which saves you money.

Given these benefits, you can see how the knockdown door gained commercial appeal and became the industry standard for interior door frames.

The Modern Knockdown Door

Today’s knockdown door is an efficient and effective solution recommended by architects and engineers and used by construction professionals worldwide.

Installation involves adding the three main components of the frame one at a time, starting with the hinge jamb, as follows:

  1. Place the hinge jamb with its edges wrapped around the wall.
  2. Pop the head into place, with its tongues slotting into the relevant slits at the top of the hinge jamb.
  3. Slide the strike jamb into place, slotting the tongues at the top of the jamb into the slits present on the open end of the head.
  4. Turn the compression anchor screws on each section counter-clockwise to secure the frame.

Thanks to Sam Sklar, the modern knockdown door frame is a lightweight system primed for cost-effective, easy installation and transportation.

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