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Measuring for a door

How to Measure Doors for Replacement

Post by on March 12th, 2021

Last Updated on February 16, 2022

With a little guidance, measuring commercial doors is a simple process. The most challenging aspect of measuring doors for replacement is figuring out what type of door you have and what area you should measure.

You will need to take one of two different types of door measurements depending on the project — prehung door measurements and door slab measurements. The most straightforward measurement is the door slab measurement, for which you only need to take the width and height measurements with a measuring tape. If your door comes attached to a frame, you should take the prehung door measurement.

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How to Measure for a Prehung Door

When you measure a prehung door, you want to include the door’s entire frame in your measurements. Before you can see the door frame, the casing around the frame needs to be removed, preferably with a flat pry bar. Be careful only to remove the door casing, and try to minimize damage to the surrounding material or paint.

Use your measuring tape to measure from outside the door jamb, otherwise known as the wooden frame. Since the frame may have warped over time, you should take measurements of the width at the top, middle and bottom of the door and use the smallest measurement. Perform the same steps as you measure the door’s height and depth, always taking the smallest measurement of the three.

Make sure to measure the opening left where the door once was. Using your measuring tape, measure from one side of the opening to the other in three places and make sure that the frame is even. You will want to have all four measurements — width, height, depth and opening — written down as you begin your search for a new door. You should also note whether the door has a knob on the right or left side and whether it opens inward or outward.

How to Measure a Door Slab for Replacement

The process of measuring for a door slab is much less intensive than measuring for prehung doors. The door slab refers to the door alone, not the frame around it. To measure the door slab most effectively, shut the door completely and make sure it is flush in the frame.

With your measuring tape, carefully measure the width, height and depth of the door. Unlike prehung doors, you do not have to measure the width and height in three places.

Take a look at the door and determine whether there are any problems with it as it opens. Is it too large or small for the frame? Are there large gaps of more than a half-inch between the door and the frame or hinges? If the door is too snug or loose, consider adding or subtracting a quarter of an inch from the measurements.

Write down all of the door slab measurements and note whether the door opens inward or outward and which side the knob is on. You will want to consider all of this information as you search for a replacement door.

Measuring for a door

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