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Different types of wood door styles

5 Unique Custom Wood Door Styles

Post by on September 17th, 2020

Custom wood doors make a statement in any commercial space. Once you have decided that you want to go the custom route, you will have a few aspects to consider and design choices to make to ensure you deliver both function and style for your business.

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What to Consider Before Ordering Custom Doors

Before you order custom doors for your next project, there are a few factors you want to consider:

  • What door size do you need? Consider the width, height and thickness.
  • Does the entryway need to be wheelchair-accessible?
  • What is the overall architecture and style? Is it sleek and contemporary or warm and Mediterranean?
  • What type of material or wood species do you want?
  • Will the door have glass? If so, how much transparency would you like?

Taking these aspects into consideration will help you design a custom door that is just as functional as it is stylish.

Different types of wood door styles

Custom Wood Door Styles to Consider for Your Commercial Space

While there are almost endless ways to customize a door for your commercial space, here are some of the most popular styles:

1. Barn Doors

Over the past few years, barn doors have become one of the most popular styles of interior custom doors. This style of door is hung from a track above the door opening. Because there is no track on the bottom of the door and they are essentially hanging free, barn doors are very easy to slide open and closed.

sliding wood barn door style

This design allows barn doors to be used in a variety of spaces. They work well in small spaces, such as a closet in a hotel or apartment, where a typical door would not fit. They can also be made to complement all kinds of styles, ranging from warehouse to craftsman.

It is important to keep in mind that since barn doors hang free and are elevated a bit off the ground, they do not block as much noise as traditional doors.

2. Large Doors

Large doors are not just functional space dividers in open spaces — they can also deliver a lot of impact and style with their size. Sometimes, older buildings have doorways that are unconventional and require larger doors than today’s standard sizes. Having custom large doors made allows you to obtain a door that perfectly fits your specifications.

For example, here at Manhattan Door, we have capabilities beyond the average manufacturer and can make extra-large doors for your commercial space. Our custom doors can measure up to 82 inches wide and up to 144 inches high to fit into nearly any kind of large doorway. Paired with custom high-end hardware, our large doors will transform any commercial space.

3. Unique Glass

Doors with glass add both visibility and brightness to any commercial space. Of course, adding unique glass also adds a lot of style. If you are customizing a door for a commercial space, you can choose from different types of glass depending on the privacy and brightness levels you are trying to achieve.

Just keep in mind that some glass, such as clear glass, will not block any light at all, while colored or frosted glass makes it harder to see in and offers more privacy.

contemporary glass and wood door with glass slits

Also, depending on how the glass is laid out on the door, you will be able to create different styles ranging from colonial to gothic. Along with standard glass, you can also get creative with stained glass designs. Other options include decorative leaded glass, textured glass and glass with grilles.

4. Exotic Wood Species or Veneer

Wood doors add a warm touch to any commercial space. They are functional and work well with a range of styles depending on the type of wood and design you choose.

Custom wood doors typically come in regular woods such as cherry, birch, maple or oak. For a special touch, you can choose exotic wood species such as:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Ebony
  • Rosewood
  • Douglas fir

Another option to consider is a wood veneer door, made either in a solid, hollow or “diet” core material. These doors are attractive while offering the benefits of being lightweight, cost-effective and eco-friendly. Regardless of which material you choose, you can easily paint or stain the door and change up the look.

5. Decorative Accents or Special Panel Treatments

To really elevate the look of any commercial space, you can customize the design with decorative accents or special panel treatments. For example, adding mullions or louvers into frame openings can transform a simple commercial door. Then, special hardware such as knobs, hinges and locks can add the finishing touch to your custom door design.

Start Designing Your Custom Commercial Doors Today

Here at Manhattan Door Company, we can help you choose or design the best custom wood door for your commercial spaces. We work with all kinds of styles, and with our modern machining equipment, we can meet every need and specification, including unconventional and non-standard wood entry doors.

Our process is simple and straightforward. When you get in touch, our representative will provide you with a questionnaire so we can learn more about your project. Then, you will receive a quote and we will discuss your designs in more detail before we start working on your door.

For improved style, performance and security in any commercial space, contact Manhattan Door Company to start designing a custom door today.

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    13 May, 2022 2 years ago

    It’s great to know that large doors would ensure that they will fit the specifications that you have for your home. I hope that there would be high-impact door suppliers that would be able to offer sizes like that for my dream home. It has been in my vision ever since I was a kid that I would get a two-door type entry way, so I want to achieve that someday.

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